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Payday Loan / Short Term Loan Calculator

Calculate Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for payday loans and short term loans for a variety of scenarios including one-off payment loans, weekly / monthly payment loans, with / without admin fee etc. The APR calculated by this calculator complies with the regulations of UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Loan Amount
Admin Fee
Daily Interest Rate %
Repayment Frequency
Loan Period1  
Add Admin Fee to Loan2
Repayment Amount
% p.a.
Total Interest Amount
Total Principal Amount
Total Payment (Princ + Int)

1 Enter loan period in # of days in case of one-off loan, weeks in case of weekly loan and months in case of monthly loan.

2 Select Yes if admin fees is to added to the loan (repayment amount includes loan + admin fee and interest is calculated on loan + admin fee); Select No if admin fee is deducted from initial loan disbursement (loan repayable and interested calculated on in this case is the amount entered in Loan Amoutn box).

3 Calculated as per the mathematical formula described in FCA's regulations for consumer credit.