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NPV Calculator

Use this calculator to determine Net Present Value of a series of cash flows. Cash flows can be of any regular frequency such as annual, semi annual, quarterly or monthly. Select cash flow frequency, enter desired discount rate, enter future projected cash flows of the investment and click Calculate NPV to obtain NPV of the cash flows.

Cash flows frequency
Discount Rate % p.a.  

Enter future / projected cash flows below:

Period 0  
Period 1  
Period 2  
Period 3  
Period 4  
Period 5  
Period 6  
Period 7  
Period 8  
Period 9  
Period 10  
Period 11  
Period 12  
Period 13  
Period 14  
Period 15  
Period 16  
Period 17  
Period 18  
Period 19  
Period 20  
Period 21  
Period 22  
Period 23  
Period 24  
Period 25  
Period 26  
Period 27  
Period 28  
Period 29  
Period 30  

Enter initial cash outflow against Period 0 (this is optional) and subsequent regular cashflows from Period 1 onwards for as many periods as you wish. If period 0 cash outflow is NOT entered (or left at 0), the calculator simply calculates Present Value (PV) of all cash flows from Period 1 onwards - discounted  to Period 0 (current date) at the chosen discount rate. If Period 0 has a cashflow, meaning there is an initial cash outflow (investment), the calculator subtracts this value from the present value of future cashflows and shows Net Present Value or NPV of the cash flow series.