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XIRR Calculator

Use this calculator to calculate IRR of cash flows with non uniform intervals i.e., cash flows occurring at irregular intervals. Enter cash flows below with cash flow dates and corresponding cash flow amounts and the calculator calculates annualized internal rate of return (IRR) of the cashflows. The result produced by this calculator is equivalent to the one you get when using Micorsot Excel's XIRR function.

Cash flow date Amout of cash flow

The first two cash flow dates and cash flow values are mandatory for XIRR calculation. After entering the initial cash flow date, make sure that the subsequent cash flow dates are later than the first cash flow date; however they need not be sequential. The first cash flow value has to be entered with negative sign (being cash outflow). Subsequent cash flows values can be negative but there has to be at least one positive value (cash inflow). The calculator uses iterative process to calculate IRR and therefore it may sometimes fail to find an IRR if the cashflow dates and values have extreme values.

XIRR Calculation logic explained

MIRR Calculation in Excel

IRR Calculation in Excel

Use IRR Calculator for cash flows with uniform intervals