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Excel Spreadsheet Models

Microsoft Excel is a popular spreadsheet application and it offers tremendous power and flexibility to end users in organizing, analysing and presenting numerical data. Excel got better and better over the years both in its features and its power in handling large volumes of data. The use of this spreadsheet application is so widespread and it is found in almost all office desktops these days - from small home based businesses to large investment banks and all shades of businesses in between.

Excel is predominantly used in business for capturing, analyzing and reporting of accounting and financial data including preparation of financial statements, budgets, business plans, business valuations, investment appraisal, bid pricing and evaluations etc.

Excel's rich functionality and flexibility enables end users especially accountants and financial analysts to build financial models which could be simple short /medium term budgets or long term financial plans or complex models for evaluating alternative investment options. Scenario modelling and what-if analysis is an integral part of any financial modelling and Excel's one of the greatest strengths lies in this area. The models so built often serve as decision support systems for top management to make strategic financial decisions like go or no-go for new business, expansion, investment, divestment, merger/amalgamation etc.  Financial Modelling therefore is a high profile exercise and in fact it evolved as an important career discipline and skillset in its own right.

We try to provide in this site insights in Financial Modelling (Excel Modelling as it applies to finance) as also some demo and ready to use financial models. Explore the same from links on the left sidebar.

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